The Government of Rwanda presents many investment opportunities to private sector. RMT chose to invest in tea and energy sectors given their importance to Rwanda’s socioeconomic transformation.

In the area of tea, RMT leveraged on the privatisation policy to seize opportunities and is since steadily making positive progress. We at RMT are determined to be the leaders in producing Rwanda’s finest teas. Thus, we shall continue investing in our tea estates to sustain and improve productivity. Since almost a decade after the government privatized a number of tea estates to RMT, tremendous improvement has been registered in terms of quality and quantity of the produced made tea. However, our tea factories are all operating below installed capacity. We shall need more government support in terms of providing arable land for tea plantations. We appreciate the recent government support in this endeavour when 288Ha of Giswati forest land were given to RMT for extensive tea growing.

President Paul Kagame has urged the tea sector to add value to Rwanda’s tea as a means towards increased income. It is in this regard that RMT decided to partner with Government to invest in Rwanda Tea Packers (RTP); specialized in blending, packaging and marketing of value-added teas. At RTP, we are venturing in producing blended packaged Rwanda teas, targeting domestic, regional and progressively international markets.

In the area of energy, the decision to venture in generating Hydro Power in Giciye, Nyabihu District was premised on the need to contribute to accelerating Rwanda’s economic development. We take pride in the contribution we are making in this endeavour.

All in all, we look to the future with great hope. The Government has put in place a favourable investment climate, with particular incentives embedded in tea and energy policies. This gives us investors the impetus and confidence to commit more resources.

Looking forward to better days at RMT.
Mr. Egide GATERA

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