Investments in Value Addition

In 2009, Rwanda Tea Packers Ltd was established as a joint venture between Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd and NAEB (National Agriculture Exports Development Board) in a shareholding percentage of 60%:40% respectively. The objective of Rwanda Tea Packers Ltd was to blend, package, market and sell Rwanda teas mostly for local and to African markets.

In order to cater for the increase in the market share, investors in Rwanda Tea Packers Ltd have built and equipped a modern blending and packaging factory located in Free Trade Zone (FTZ) in Nyandungu at the outskirts of Kigali City. With the new and bigger facility, Rwanda Tea Packers Ltd has increased volumes and varieties of blended tea, size and type of tea bags. Rwanda Tea Packers Ltd innovated in offering blended organic orthodox green and black tea to markets, a move that has been acclaimed by health conscious consumers.

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