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Direct Sales

Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd offers for sale a third of its production directly to different buyers across the globe through direct sale and forward contracts.

Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd uses as reference the Mombasa weekly auction price to which a quality premium is applied. The process normally requires the buyer to receive invoice samples for his/her choice or approval. This is the reason of the premium being applied as the buyer has the latitude to make a choice from various samples.

Delivery terms used are the ones referred to into INCOTERMS 2010, but mostly Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd sells on ex factory or Mombasa warehouse basis and on FOB Mombasa basis. Payment terms are generally upfront.

Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd also offers for sale 2 % of its products privately to local buyers who are also packers. Those teas are generally for local market consumption, but increasingly to African markets. We expect this portion to grow steadily in future with the emergence of a middle class that is health conscious.

One of Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd main local clients is Rwanda Tea Packers, a packaging and blending company in which Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd has majority shares. Rwanda Tea Packers is the second distributor of tea in Rwanda.


Mombasa Auction Market

Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd is a member of the East African Tea Trade Association (EATTA).

The East African Tea Trade Association (EATTA) is a voluntary membership organization that brings together tea Producers, buyers, brokers, packers and warehousemen, affording them a disciplined environment in which to interact commercially, and to promote the best interests of the tea trade in Africa. The EATTA has been in existence for over 54 years.

The EATTA auction market is a platform that allows selling more than a hundred tea marks from 10 African countries on a weekly basis. The buying community comprises more than 70 registered tea buyers who represent tea buyers worldwide. Some of them operate as blenders and packagers as well.

Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd has offered in 2017 some of its production to the global market via the Mombasa auction market as a means of gaining exposure to the tea the global market and attaining a fair reference price for its products.

Rwanda Mountain Tea has attracted some of the best prices at the Mombasa auction, often selling its teas among the top five best teas for the primary but also the secondary grade products .Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd has secured global markets for its best quality teas in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Many recognized packers use Rwanda Mountain teas in their brands to heighten quality.

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